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KB - headtilt zero
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The Dolby Theater, LA, Sunday Afternoon
KB - performing - What's up Los Angeles?
E!, in their infinite wisdom, had once again graced Zero Hopeless-Savage with a press pass, a cameraperson, and a microphone. She had immediately used her new position of power to ask Kelly Osbourne on camera and on the record why she'd gotten so boring with her hair, so this might be a decision they were already regretting, but Zero wasn't about to let that stop her. Some of these actresses definitely needed someone to ask them who the squall they'd let talk them into wearing that, and Zero was proud to be not the hero Hollywood deserved, but the hero it needed, to mangle a reference.

"Jennifer! Jennifer, over here, pick me!"

((Establishy, but open for calls or texts if you want to catch up with Zero after the show.))

Chez Hopeless-Savage, LA, Thursday
KB - facepalm
Zero lay on her couch semi-diagonally, her head dangling off the cushion, her gaze on a takeout Chinese carton she really should throw away on the coffee table, her phone held to her ear as her brother, Twitch, said, "Zero, it's Thursday."

"I know."

"It's Thursday, the Oscars were Saturday, and you haven't updated your web show yet."

"I know."

"The natives are getting restless. And internet natives are terrifying."

"I know."

"Then what's the problem?"

"I have writer's block!" she wailed.

Silence. Then, "Oh, no."

"I know," Zero agreed sadly.

((Open for phone calls, e-mails, etc.))

A Random Club, LA, Saturday Evening
KB - headtilt zero
Let it be noted, for the record, that Skank Zero Hopeless-Savage was a good friend. And also currently suffering a wee bit from artistic block, which was why, when a friend with a band called in a panic on Saturday afternoon, explaining that they had a gig and their lead singer was in Portland for reasons unbeknown to humans who did normal or nonexistent amounts of drugs, she had agreed to help out.

Of course, they only had so many songs in common. Thankfully they knew "Cuddle Bug" and a few punk standards, but they'd been scraping the bottom of the barrel to come up with the last set list. Finally, the bassist in desperation had asked, "Do you know "Jolene"?"

"Doesn't everyone?" Zero had asked. She had opted not to mention that she had always been a little afraid her last relationship was going to go down the 'Jolene' road.

"So we'll do Jolene. It can be ironic."

"You don't do Dolly Parton ironic," Zero had chided.

So they did Jolene unironic. And it maybe kind of sort of brought down the house. Go figure.

((Establishy, open for calls, texts, e-mails. Y'all know the drill.))

Zero's Apartment, LA, Tuesday Afternoon
KB - pigtails - worried
While Zero tried not to bow to societal pressures and expectations about something ridiculous about one romantic day out of the whole year or whatever, this was the first Valentine's Day she'd been single since high school, and she found herself kind of...down. Especially since her latest film project was hung up until the revived This is My Real Name Productions got ten bumper cars, a street filming permit, and a panda suit, so she didn't really have anything to do today.

She texted some of her fellow single LA friends to make plans to meet up for dinner from whatever street truck sounded good and then dancing the night away to combat the Valentine's Day blues, then sent out a mass e-mail:

e-card beneath the cutCollapse )

((Open for calls, texts, e-mails! If you think you got the card you totally did.))

Zero's Apartment, Los Angeles, California, Sunday Night
KB - headtilt zero
Zero was trawling the internet, looking for reviews of the set she'd played at a local bar on Friday night, or reactions to the new Zero vs. Hollywood (in which she questioned Hugh Jackman's career path, and wondered if maybe America wanted him to be meta for Wolverine when Hugh wanted to be his musical theatre self, and that was why he made such questionable choices) when she found something completely different, something that made her choke on her tea and grab her phone to send out a mass text:


She had the presence of mind to include a link to the post, which included three pictures of her. In one, she was leaving a coffee shop wearing her boots, ripped jeans, a plaid shirt, and heart-shaped sunglasses. In another, she was wearing the same ripped jeans and boots, a t-shirt from a friend's band's last tour, an oversized leather jacket, and sunglasses with bunny ears. In the third, she was still wearing her boots but she'd traded the ripped jeans for...another pair of ripped jeans, this time in hot pink, with a long-sleeved t-shirt and a tutu. Because tutus were in for fall?

((Open for calls or texts from anyone who thinks they might have gotten this!))

Zero's New Apartment, Los Angeles, California, Tuesday Afternoon
KB - pigtails - worried
Everything had been done over the phone before Zero drove a giant teal van full of her stuff through a portal, so today the manager just unlocked the door and let her in. It was a nice apartment. A bit small, but it was just her and Fish; it wasn't like she needed a ton of space. She'd left most of the furniture in New York, since it didn't seem fair to leave Peter without any.

"What do you think, Fishy?" Zero asked her bird, holding up the cage to look in at him. For once, Fish was silent. "Yeh," Zero agreed. "Me, too."

She stood in the middle of the empty living room with her bird for a few minutes before she sighed, set Fish's cage down, and headed downstairs. She could brood, or she could schlep, and it wasn't like her stuff was going to move itself.

She had a sinking feeling that by the end of the day she was really going to be missing her ex-boyfriend's superstrength.

((Open to phone calls and texts. And yes, Zero and Peter have broken up by mutual agreement, and Zero is now back in her home universe's LA. She hasn't told anyone yet.))

Casa de Swerval, Friday Night
door slam, she mad
Getting home from her parents should have been pretty easy: Zero had Portalocity. Of course, that neglected to account for Portalocity dropping her (and all her assorted leftovers, luggage, and presents) in the middle of Times Square on New Year's squalling Eve.

So...yeah. By the time Zero got home, she was in A Mood. Hopefully this would not persist into next year.

"I'm home!" she yelled. "And I brought presents! And rage!" She didn't know if Peter was actually home or not. He might have gone patrolling. Or he might be actually having fun somewhere. But if he was in the apartment, she figured he deserved fair warning.

((Open to the boyfriend if he's feeling brave, calls, e-mails, etc.)

Chez Hopeless-Savage-Parker, New York, Friday
KB - headtilt zero
"Go for credit in the straight world
Look a dealer in the eye
Go for credit in the real world
Won't you try?"

Zero was singing as she surfed the job listings on Craigslist. This might or might not be a product of the weirdness of her particular alma mater. It was hard to say with Zero. Sometimes she just sang.

"I got some credit in the straight world
I lost a leg, I lost an eye
Go for credit in the real world
You won't die."

When she jumped up and started bouncing around the living room like it was her own personal mosh pit...well, that could have gone either way, too.

"Instant credit in the straight world
Leaving money when you die
Lots of credit in the real world
Gets you high."

((Open to calls, texts, e-mails, That Guy, etc.))

Hopeless-Savage-Parker Apartment, New York, Saturday
KB - pigtails and sunglasses
It was a lazy day in New York, and Zero was debating what to do with herself now that she'd finished all of her summer classes. She kind of wanted ice cream, but that would require working up the energy to actually leave the apartment, and right now lazing on the couch and messing around with, variously, her cell phone and her guitar seemed to be about her speed for the day.

Her life was so fascinating, really.

((Open to phone calls, texts, e-mails, and that dude that lives in the apartment.))


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